Taking far east as the main market of our products, we have also been focusing on the exploring of domestic, European markets and endeavoring in the development of new products of "high-tech, high added value, superior quality and competitive price". Presently the main products include: Top Shell Meat as known Latin Name (Rapana thomasiana or Rapana Venosa) and the deep processing of many other kinds of fish (Frozen Anchovy, Red Mullet, Whiting, Mackerel, Shark and Ray Fish etc.).

Professional Service

We offer you professional services in every sense. We provide a different and hard working service network with our advanced communication network.

Quality Products

Our company, which offers better quality fidelity, aims to give the fastest service to you correctly in a systematic way regardless of its competitors

Tax Recoupment

In recent years, our company, which makes a lot of mention about its name, adds value to its country and continues to be a model for other companies with tax record by taking the lead of the industry


Modern Processing Facilities

6000 m2 and 4000m2 modern processing plants in Sinop and Trabzon with state-of-the-art equipment and well-arranged layout. The Plants design complies with Turkey sanitation requirement for food exporters, FDA standard and EU regulations.

Cold Storage System

The cold storage system with high purification function in the processing workshop well guarantees the safety and sanitation of the products..

250+ Person Team

250 qualified and skilled seafood workers ensure our production quality.

Advanced Equipment

The advanced equipment imported from overseas has greatly enhanced the company's production capacity and technical standard.

Water Treatment System

The water for processing can only be used after disposed with water treatment system

High Standard Sanitary Equipment

High standard sanitized equipments are ready at every stage of the production.

We are dedicated to offering customers safe, fresh and delicious products.

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