Trabzon plant has been in Fishery  industry for more than 10 years and has extensive knowledge of marine products business. Trabzon plant is also also very well designed with the includings, Storage Systems, processsing plants and the accomodation for the workers, there are also places included for  the social activities. Besides, that plant has a very large capacity of storing seafood and it is abilitiy of 400 ton of fishery product stocking.
 Features of Trabzon Plant:
Located in Trabzon, southern of Trabzon Port, which is very suitable for transportation. 
Produce and supply  Frozen Topshell Meat, Frozen Anchovy, many kinds of Fish, Pelamide, Blue fish, Bass fish and so on. 
Attained Department of Fisheries and Attained department of Fisheries.
Plant around 4000 Square meters. 
4 Building in a plant.



-  Main factory for Frozen Topshell Meat,
-  Separating Department,
-  Cleaning Department,
-  Packing Department,
-  Storing Department,
-  An Office building,
-  A dormitory for employees,
-  Restaurant.

Employee            :120
Major Products : Frozen Boiled Top Shell Meat
Major Partner   : Japan,S.Korea,China,Taiwan




A very well organised and the cleanest processing plant in that area. Sinop plant has the  highest capacity of top shell meat production and every year is chosen the global leader in Seafood industry in Turkey. Sinop plant has also very large Top shell  Meat and anchovy storing and processing ability. Our main business, Frozen Topshell Meat, is processed by the experienced management and versatile staff. The processing equipments are arounded and designed fully the latest technologic system. So, Sinop Factory has been rewarded the best one By the Quality Control Services. That factory is always ready to serve with the highest quality of Frozen Top shell Meat.
Now,We are proudful of being the address of Seafood in Turkey
Features of Sinop Plant



· Located in Sinop coastal district,in the east of Sinop which is nearest fort he transportation of Raw Materials.
· Process and Supply Frozen Boiled Topshell Meat ,Frozen Anchovy ,Frozen Pelamide,Blue Fish.Mackerel and so on.
· Attained department of fisheries.



1 Plant : approximately 4500 square meters
4 Buildings in a Plant 
1 A factory for Frozen Topshell Meat
2 Packing Department
3 Storing Department
4 Cleaning Department

An Office building and A Dormitory for employees


Employee : 200 
Major Products :Frozen Boiled Topshell Meat, Frozen Anchovy, Frozen Pelamide.
Major Partners : S.Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, USA, UAE.
Address :Guzelce cay Mevkii Dikmen/Sinop TURKEY