Top Shell Meat has in content in line with iodine, phosphorus, calcium, and A, M, R and B vitamins whether the fat content is very low. At the same time, it contains amino acids that are known to be useful and important to the human body. Because of this Top shell meat has become an essential source of food in the far eastern kitchen.

English Name: Top Shell
Latin Name: Rapana Thomasiana
Product Origin: Black Sea Turkey
Production Method: Fresh (Cooked) Frozen
Packing Style: 20 kgs Nett in polybag into a carton box



10-20 pcs/kg
21-30 pcs/kg
31-40 pcs/kg
41-60 pcs/kg
61-80 pcs/kg
81-100 pcs/kg
101-120 pcs/kg