Product Details

Frozen Boiled Top Shell

Top Shell Meat is rich in iodine, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins A, M, R, and B, while maintaining very low fat content. Additionally, it contains essential amino acids known for their significance to the human body. Due to these nutritional qualities, Top Shell Meat has emerged as a vital food source in Far Eastern cuisine.Top Shells are also known as Sea snail meat, Rock shell meat, Rapana Venosa, Rapana Thomasiana, and Whelk Shell meat.

Latin Name:

Rapana Thomasiana

Origin of the Product:

Wild Caught – Turkey (Black Sea)

Packaging Style:

10 kg net in LDPE bag x 1: 10 kg net weight in a single carton

Product Variations:

Boiled, IQF Frozen


2S: 20-40 pcs/kg
3S: 40-60 pcs/kg
4S: 60+  pcs/kg